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My name is Norman Brown, founder and Director of FCD Leisure Limited. The inspiration for the service that my company provides arose as a result of my experience of caring for looked after children for the past 12 years. Being a foster carer is one of the most challenging aspects of my life, and by far the most rewarding.

As you are all aware, foster caring is a full time commitment, which requires a lot of dedication, hard work and patience. Foster carers do not care for looked after children purely for the challenge or for the financial reward, but rather to try and make a positive and long lasting difference in the lives of vulnerable children and young adults.

In recent years, the austerity measures implemented by central government have resulted in reductions in Local Authority budgets. This has had a direct impact on the foster care allowance. In real terms the allowance has been reduced by 15%. This has occurred against a backdrop of significant price increases for essentials such as food, clothes, utilities and leisure activities. Days out and holidays have become increasingly expensive and as a consequence of this, I started to think about how we could achieve better value for money and for a way to enable our budgets to ‘stretch a little further’, so I came up with the idea of a ‘Discount Leisure Card’, a scheme launched two years ago in the UK. We have developed a membership only Leisure scheme for foster carers only, that offers exclusive benefits and discounts at a vast number of leisure parks, theme parks and attractions across London and the rest of the UK. These partnerships include well known attractions, leisure parks, mobile phone and computer stores, as well as deals on holidays and hotel stays. The discounts that are offered on the Foster Carers Discount Leisure Card have all been negotiated exclusively for Foster Carers.

This year we have introduced a support service in which is available to all members. This gives access to our expert panel consisting of: a legal barrister, social worker, financial advisor, anti-bullying campaigner, mental health practitioner and a local authority benefits adviser.

We will continue to strive and put forward ideas for carers to help them stretch their budgets further. FCD Discounts save you money. FACT.

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